I edit and proofread books, proposals, reports, policies and procedures, articles, newsletters, e-magazines, presentations, website and marketing copy, project plans, technical manuals, course and training materials, and more.

The style guides that I work with include Chicago, APA and CP. I usually edit in Microsoft Word, PDF or InDesign.

The different types (or stages) of editing are often classified as structural, stylistic, copy editing and proofreading. I provide all of these.

How do you know which type (or types) you need? If your text is final and has been laid out, you probably need proofreading. If you’re looking for spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage help, along with checks for consistency, copy editing is the thing. If you need a hand clarifying and fine-tuning your text, ask for stylistic editing. And structural editing is what’s needed if your text could use a “big picture” edit and some reorganization.

For more details about the types of editing, refer to the useful definitions provided by Editors Canada. If you’re not sure what you need, I can advise you based on a sample of your text.

Before copy editing

After copy editing

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