An index, whether at the back of the book or on a website, is an indispensable guide to help readers find the information they seek.

The subject areas I index include technology and computers, business, social sciences and horticulture.

I have written dozens of indexes for technical documentation, including user guides, reference manuals and service manuals. Some of the titles are:

  • SOKKIA GSR1700 CSX Operations Manual
  • SOKKIA GSR2700 ISX/IS Service Manual
  • Telenium 4.3 Client Suite Admin Applications
  • Harbor High-speed File Transfer Client Administrator’s Guide Version 2.0 for UNIX
  • Harbor Network Storage Manager Administrator’s Guide Version 6.4 for Windows

My experience also includes periodical and online indexing:

  • Calgary Gardening magazine article index
    As a Calgary Horticultural Society volunteer, I created this online index as a benefit for Society members so they can easily find articles and information published in Calgary Gardening magazine. I update the index with each new issue of the magazine (8 times per year).
G entries in Calgary Horticultural Society index

Calgary Gardening online article index

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