Why do you need a professional editor?

It can be challenging to be objective about your own writing, especially after reading your text many times. But you probably know when there are opportunities for fine-tuning, correcting and clarifying. A professional editor has the tools to help you find the best words and hone your message.

Why hire me?

I’m a professional editor with the experience, training and skill to help you make your writing the best it can be. I assist writers, and I advocate for readers. This means I give specific and meaningful feedback to writers while always keeping the audience’s needs in mind. Clients say some nice things about my work.

Not sure what kind of editing you need? No problem. Contact me, and we’ll figure it out.

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Our designer REALLY appreciated your style of proofing and said you made it very easy for her to make the 1,600+ changes!

Kelsey MacDonald, Account Director, Trigger Communications

When McElhanney Consulting requires professional editing, our first call is to Sylvia Siemens.

Gary Debney, Senior Recreation Planner, McElhanney Consulting

You couldn’t do better than to hire Sylvia. She doesn’t just edit; her extremely helpful and knowledgeable comments provide alternative ways of expressing the material, which leads to its greater clarity, concision, and quality.

Alena Sayer, Training Development Associate, Alberta Safety Codes Council

While working with Sylvia, I have been consistently impressed with her initiative, her commitment to deadlines, and her thoroughness. Sylvia uses her extensive knowledge of language, syntax and punctuation while honouring the writer’s own style.

Julie Barringer, Managing Editor, Calgary Gardening magazine

Sylvia is enthusiastic, intelligent and detail-oriented and can provide exceptional work on a very tight deadline. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Jon Macpherson, Manager of Governance & Policy, Calgary West Central Primary Care Network